About Us

HoB•ToP is a design company specializing in hobby-related T-shirts. The designs are original pen and ink drawings by Berkshire County artist John Broderick. John has been creating these unique designs for over 14 years.

Formally trained at the University of Connecticut art school, John has been drawing since he was very young. Growing up in the Berkshires, he was introduced to the world of art by his mother Carolyn.

The concept of HoB•ToP is rooted in simplicity: Pictures are the most basic form of communication. From the early Egyptian hieroglyphs to our modern day logos, we understand pictures more instinctively than any other form of communication. When you see the HoB•ToP baseball drawing, it doesn’t matter where you’re from, you know it’s baseball.

Today HoB•ToP has over 40 designs. Each one is silk-screened using a water-based ink and will not crack or peel. They are printed on high-quality 100% cotton shirts and can even be ironed without destroying the image.

HoB•ToP is truly a community-based entity, sharing profits and products with many organization and kids in the neighborhood. It’s about helping in any way possible to make a kids life a little more enjoyable – even if simply by providing a T-shirt that serves as a canvas for their hobby. Their passion.

Very best to you,
John Broderick